Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Manic Monday

Yesterday was....well, interesting. I'm just hoping it wasnt a precurser to the what the week is going to be like.

I woke up early, 6 am. Which is early for me. I'm usually doing good if i'm out of bed before 8. (one of the downfalls of working for yourself). But i've noticed that by the time the evening comes around, i'm so exhausted, both mentally and physically, I dont get much accomplished around the house. So I decided to wake up earlier and get some stuff done before I 'start my day'. Odd how the first day I decide to do this the water heater goes out and I couldnt take a shower. I dont do the whole coffee thing, so I depend on my hot shower to wake me up and start the day. (And I HAVE to take a shower EVERY day. I produce enough oil in my skin and hair to make Oil of Olay jealous. )Well, that didnt happen. A few phone calls later and one of my maitenence men came by to inform me that it was the thermocouple.

Now, as I learned yesterday, it's the thermocouple that is like the safety valve on the water heater. It's what keeps the gas from escaping when the pilot goes out. So no big deal right? Just run down to the local hardwear store and get a new one, right? Nope. I have a left handed thermocouple. (no idea what that means). And I guess they're pretty rare. So they had to overnight one from the east coast. It's supposed to be in sometime today. So last night, after an intense day of year end financial crap at work (that has to be turned in by today), I went home, took the girls for a walk, and headed up to Kens to take a shower.

He was sweet enough to make fajitas for dinner, knowing how exhausted and frustrated I was.

I know it's not THAT traumatic, but it just totally threw off my whole day. I mean, thank goodness I had taken a bath the night before or i'd really have had a bad day.

So i'm sitting here in the office, killing time, waiting for the part to come in so I can rush home, let them in to fix the water heater, and then a lllooong hot shower. Maybe after that I can focus and get some work done today.

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Kimber said...

That really stinks. I would just die without hot water. I have the same oil problem. I definitely never have to worry about dry hair or my roots showing because I can color my hair every 8 weeks and not worry about it drying me out.