Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too wierd even for me

I've always said that the men in my life (past and present) are all very similar. In looks, personality, and I guess even in their choices. Last summer when V got married, he took his new bride to Ca, where they went to Catalina Island and also stayed for a bit on the Queen Mary 2. Well, I just found out that my ex-husband C went there last week on his honeymoon. Apparently their trip almost exactly mirrored V's, down to the number of nights they stayed on the QE2. These two men don't know each other at all, and the only thing they have in common is me. But I suppose this is further proof though that the men in my life are cut from the same cloth tho. (I can hear the twilight theme playing in the background).

I can promise everyone tho that when I get married again, I am NOT repeating this journey. Hawaii, Ireland, even maybe a cruise off the coast of Mexico. But if Ken suggests staying at the QE2 on our honeymoon........not sure what i'll do. Run for cover?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's been how long?

Ignore the crappy vinyl floor. It's a rental.

But seriously, I haven't blogged in how long? I haven't even been hopping on to check out anyone else's blogs. No, I haven't been sick, won the lottery or abducted by aliens. I've just been so friggin busy with work! We're almost done with our third rehab job, and i'm seriously looking forward to some evenings to just relax and get caught up on some personal stuff at home. To say that my own list of housework has fallen to the wayside while i'm cleaning someone else's mess wouldnt even begin to cover it. So this week I made out my new Flylady Control journal and am determined to get some order back into my life. I have a ton of things to write about, and am working on revamping my site. My to do list is 3 miles long and i'm pretty excited about some things that are coming up. 2009 is looking to be a very productive and positive year.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

La la la la la la la la la la la la

They were having a big debate on the radio the other morning about how many girls were on the Smurfs. I remember Smurfette, and towards the end there was a little girl, Sassy I think her name was. But several people kept swearing there was another one, altho no one could remember her name. Any one have any clue?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The new project

Well, we took 2 weeks off from rehabing houses and during that time I took the job working weekends. I guess I just can't stand to have any free time. But this house popped up and compared to the last two that we did it looked pretty easy. It's mostly just really really really dirty. Here, judge for yourself.

See what I mean? Overall we're expecting it to take us about a week. The biggy is going to be bagging and hauling away all the trash. The general maintenance won't take too long, just replace every single battery in all of the smoke detectors (can always tell where the pot heads live), some light bulbs and air filters. But the entire downstairs and half of the upstairs has to be repainted. I hope we can get it done on scheduale. The last house went 3 weeks over scheduale, mostly because I, well we, both had total lazy days where we didn't feel like doing crap. I just want to get this one done before we hit one of those spells again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nail time

Tonight was bath and nail time for the girls. I try to do it at least once a month, more often in the summer. They're actually pretty good at it, considering they both hate water. There's the initial struggle, the bracing all four paws on the edges of the shower door to try to keep from being forced into the shower. I've figured the trick of it is to not turn on the water until after they're in there. If I do it before, there's no way they're getting in there. But they can sense it coming. I don't even have to say 'bath time' and they start running around the house looking for a place to hide. And honestly, if they could groom themselves likes cats do, i'd be fine with not giving them a shower. Definately would keep my back from hurting half as much as it does. But no, they have to be smelly dig in the dirt eat poop dogs that require a regular bath if I don't want my house to smell like a 15 year old boys room. Sunshine is always first, since I can just hold her while I wash her. In and out in less than 5 minutes. Bella tho is a different story. Thank God I have a detachable shower head (my wonderful birthday present from Ken) or I think i'd look like the hunchback of Notre Dame forever. She has this really thick almost muppet monster like hair that just takes FOREVER to soak up water and wash. And of course she's the one that likes to roll around in the dirt. Couldnt be the little one with hair the size of an eyelash.
After bathtime comes nail time. I've never cut their nails, as i'm a total chicken. I can just see myself cutting in too far and hurting them. The pedi paws is so wonderful cuz it's almost fool proof. I never worry about hurting them. Getting them to hold still for it is a different story. Again, I can just hold Sunshine. But I have to lay on top of Bella to keep her still. Fortunatly it's fast and they forgive me just as fast.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is a last laugh?

A bullet shot through a victim's hear somtetimes precipitates a final laugh before death.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My latest obession

One of my wierd contradictions is that I love makeup. I rarely wear it tho, mostly because I just don't feel comfortable being all made up. I'm very much a natural girl at heart. I used to be strictly a Clinique girl, but for some reason this past January my skin just did a complete flip-flop. Now I look like a prepubescent kid, all broken out and red and splotchy. It's just so not attractive. So I started looking around for a new face regimine. I talked to my esthetician and she suggested Neutrogena facial products, which I have to admit have cleared up my skin a bit. Since I was changing things up a bit I thought I'd try some new makeup too. I have now fallen in love with Bare Minerals .

I bought my starter kit at Ulta, where the technician tested several different shades on my skin before I settled on the medium.

I watched the 30 minute dvd, just to get an understanding of why 'less is more'. I'm used to putting makeup on until everything that I don't want people to see is covered and what I do want them to see is accentuated. Not with this stuff. When they say less is more, trust me they mean it. It took me a couple of days of swirling and tapping to get it right, but man oh man now that I have it down I just love it! It's so super easy too. Just a tiny little bit on the inside of the cover goes a long way. I use the concealer brush to do under my eyes, eyelids, nose, chin, and any problem areas that I have.

Then just a quick brush with the large brush with the same color blends everything in. A quick sweep with the warmer and then the mineral veil and voila, I have clear skin.

I love that it only takes 5 minutes, and if I want that 'natural look', I just have to put some mascara on and i'm done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why men don't get it

I thought this article by eharmony of 5 reasons she's just not into you was just hilarious. The sad part is there are still alot of men out there who would read it, and still not get it. But it is nice to know that it's not that us women are crazy, misreading all of the signs. Men just don't get it. A large majority of them anyways.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plenty of holes left in the desert

That's always the running joke around Vegas...that there are still plenty of places to bury a body. No matter what we can't seem to get away from the mob jokes.

But keeping that in mind (ha), this weekend we loaded up the girls in the truck and headed out to the desert. This is about 20 miles outside of Vegas, on the outskirts of a SMALL town called Jean, which is just east of the California border. Ken and Carl are helping a friend with a short indie movie and this spot was just perfect for what they needed, and I thought the girls could use a day out.

Isn't this just gorgeous?? Don't get me wrong, I love green and trees and all that too, but there's just something so majestic about the open barrenness of a desert.

The girls (who were tied to the trailer hitch of the truck so as not to wander off and aggrivate any snakes or coyotes) watched the boys wander off.

The movie is set in the old west and they needed a spot to show a body burried in the desert. Looks perfect to me.

The girls seemed to love being outside. Plenty of new smells and dirt to roll around in. I took them for several short walks (I wasn't looking to aggrivate any snakes either) and they totally loved it. Sunshine especially has always loved the sun. She knows exactly what time every window in the house gets direct rays and you can find her there like clockwork.

They both passed out on the way home and slept the majority of the night. Now I know what to do when they're all amped up and running around the house like wild horses. A trip to the desert!