Thursday, April 30, 2009

Too wierd even for me

I've always said that the men in my life (past and present) are all very similar. In looks, personality, and I guess even in their choices. Last summer when V got married, he took his new bride to Ca, where they went to Catalina Island and also stayed for a bit on the Queen Mary 2. Well, I just found out that my ex-husband C went there last week on his honeymoon. Apparently their trip almost exactly mirrored V's, down to the number of nights they stayed on the QE2. These two men don't know each other at all, and the only thing they have in common is me. But I suppose this is further proof though that the men in my life are cut from the same cloth tho. (I can hear the twilight theme playing in the background).

I can promise everyone tho that when I get married again, I am NOT repeating this journey. Hawaii, Ireland, even maybe a cruise off the coast of Mexico. But if Ken suggests staying at the QE2 on our honeymoon........not sure what i'll do. Run for cover?


Princess Freckles said...

That is strange! At least you're consistant, right? I think Ireland sounds fab.

Candice said...

Yikes! That's a little freaky.

Always a Southern Girl said...

That is a little weird, but hey I would love to go on the QE2.

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