Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The new project

Well, we took 2 weeks off from rehabing houses and during that time I took the job working weekends. I guess I just can't stand to have any free time. But this house popped up and compared to the last two that we did it looked pretty easy. It's mostly just really really really dirty. Here, judge for yourself.

See what I mean? Overall we're expecting it to take us about a week. The biggy is going to be bagging and hauling away all the trash. The general maintenance won't take too long, just replace every single battery in all of the smoke detectors (can always tell where the pot heads live), some light bulbs and air filters. But the entire downstairs and half of the upstairs has to be repainted. I hope we can get it done on scheduale. The last house went 3 weeks over scheduale, mostly because I, well we, both had total lazy days where we didn't feel like doing crap. I just want to get this one done before we hit one of those spells again.


Just Moi said...

I looks like it smells! A week sounds impossible for anything these days but I hope it works for you!

Good luck.

angie said...

Good luck with everything!

Under you at SITS roll call, stopping by to say hi!

Your puppy dogs are the cutest! I'm really lazy about giving my Maggie a bath, but when we visit my parent's in the country, she always finds something gross to roll in. She's just asking for the whole bath torture at that point!