Saturday, January 10, 2009

10 Money Saving Ideas for the Kitchen

1. Make a meatloaf stretch by adding oatmeal or rice.

2. Try to make your oven do double duty when you heat it up. Bake soem poatoes with the cookies, or the biscuits with the meatloaf. Or simply cook two of whatever your making and freezer or store the second in the fridge.

3. When boiling potatoes, save the water. If you're makign mashed potatoes us it instead of part of the milk. Or you can let it cool and use it to water houseplants.

4. Buy a whole chicken and chop it yourself.

5. Buy holiday hams and turkeys when they're on sale and freeze them.

6. Grow your own herbs. Lots of herbs, and even some veggies, grow great in small-med size pots that fit right on your window sill.

7. Have one meatless meal night a week.

8. Always watch the scanner when checking out. Just because it's marked a certain price doesnt mean it made it into the computer.

9. Make your own juice from frozen concentrated juice instead of buying bottled juice that says 'from concentrate'.
10. Price Comp! Find a store that will price comp any ad and find the best deal for what you're shopping for.


He And Me + 3 said...

I love money saving tips...thanks!

Lorie said...

Good tips....I just bought a whole chicken tonight, for that very reason, it was about 1/3 of the cost of the cut up chicken. Thanks for the tips.

AndreaLeigh said...

you can email me at andrearhouse at yahoo dot com if you want to participate in the swap!

!llegally blonde said...

This is a good and inspiring post especially since I'm clueless when it comes to saving money.

By the way, I left you something over at my blog so do drop by and claim it girl :D