Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eating Carpet

Due to my insane schedule, I have to occasionally kennel the girls. Usually it's just for a few hours before Carl gets home from work. But I guess that's long enough for them to do serious damage. To my carpet.

Notice the sheet metal under the cage? That's because Bella somehow figured out to move the tray, and then eat the carpet and padding underneath all the way to the cement foundation. Now before I get a ton of hate mails for abusing my dogs, they're kenneled up for this reason. Bella is still a baby, a BIG baby, but still going thru that what else can I eat when my mom's back is turned baby stage. I can't tell you how many pairs of shoes, panties, and books I have lost in my battle of wits with a 10 month old rottie.

Note how the damage is in squares? This was what she could get thru the holes in the bottom of the cage.

How big the damage was. Now this was done over a series of days actually. Took me that long to obtain a piece of sheet metal to put under the cage. I know she didnt ingest any of it simply by the amount of remnants around the hole. Also none was 'evacuated'. (And yes I did call the vet).

The smiling culprit.

And the wonderful patch job my carpet company did. Can't even tell there was any damage. No harm to floor and dog.
Now to go see what else she's gotten into.....

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Lorie said... dalmation use to eat everything too...he ate all of my college textbooks, our carpet, the back door, you name it....he ate it. Sheet metal is a good idea.