Friday, May 29, 2009

Makin a list...checkin it twice

I am a habitual list maker. I make lists for everything. Grocery shopping, things to do, calls to make, other lists that I need to make. I have lists everywhere. (Somehow I believe this goes along with my post it fetish. There's a pad of postits in everyroom of my house, plus like 10 in my car). With the move in date of the 20th of June, you can bet that I have started my list of todo's. Fortunately, Ken is taking care of alot of the little details, like switching on all of the utilities and cable. I'm not used to having anyone help me with all of these little details so i'm making a list of the things he's doing so I don't get confused.

So far here is my packing scheduale:

29: pick up boxes
30:pack dining room
31: Sisters pool bday party
1: pack cookbooks
2: pack living room
3: pack den
4: pack office
5: work
6: pack bedroom
7: pack clothes
8: pack front coat closet
9: pack garage
10: pack garage
12: work
13: Sister in laws pool bday party
15:pack kitchen
16: pack kitchen
17: work
18: work
19: pack bathrooms
20: Movers coming at 8am


He And Me + 3 said...

I love lists and being able to check things off of the lists. It feels so good. good luck that looks like a pretty big list.

Princess Freckles said...

When I've made a list everything, everything in my life feels more together! It helps so much!