Monday, December 1, 2008

1 day of December countdown

For the next 24 day's i'm going to journal different ideas, crafts, activities and gift ideas for the holidays. Alot of these can also be used throughout the year.

The night you put the christmas tree up, have a family slumber party. Set up sleeping bags around the tree, make sure you have lots of snacks and hot cocoa. Watch a favorite family holiday movie or tell christmas stories and share memories of holidays past.

Let the kids decorate their bedrooms too. Dont forget the bathrooms!

Everyone puts out disposable cameras for wedding receptions, so why not christmas? Place them all around the house to make sure you dont miss any holiday moments.

In my family we always made a countdown chain for christmas. On the first of the december, my mother would let us all pick a color ribbon. She would then weave these together and we all got to take turns cutting 'our' ribbon, counting down to christmas. It was always a big deal on our day.

Put green food coloring in hot oatmeal and top with cinnamon for a festive touch.

Hot glue bright glass ornaments to a styrafoam cone to create a festive ornament tree.

Use old christmas cards to create a holiday house. Use double sided tape to adhere to a box.

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