Monday, December 8, 2008

8 days of December

Well, that worked out well, huh? I said I was gonna post every day for the 24 days of december and then I never got around to posting again. It has just been crazy so far this month. But then december always is. So far all i've done is put up the decorations. No lights yet. I was going to tonight but it is super windy outside, actually feels like winter, so I thought me up on a ladder in 30 mph winds wasnt a good idea. I still cant' find my christmas tree though. Moving 3 times in the last 8 months has definately been good at helping me declutter and purge some of the crap i've been hauling around the last 33 years, but I didnt intend on loosing my tree. I've had that tree for 10 years now. Yeah it was getting a little frayed and worn, but it was still pretty. Plus I have enough decorations to fill 2 trees and now I have no where to put them. It's taking alot of will power to not rush out and buy a new one. But i'm determined that one will pop up somewhere. Most things that I truly need do.

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