Friday, December 26, 2008

And the beat goes on..

Well, Christmas is officially over, but like most vacations, i'm suffering from jet lag. Too much stress and not enough sleep resulted in me coming down with a sinus infection last night. Not that I can blame it entirely on christmas. Work, my car dying, and just life in general probably had alot to do with it. So now along with an eye tick so bad i'm wearing my glasses today, my ear hurts and i have a headache. Not to sound like i'm whining, which i'm sure that does. Just kind of the after christmas let down of emotions i guess. It always seems like such a build up that afterwards your'e just totally drained.

But I had a wonderful Christmas. Wednesday, after washing the pin curls from my hair, Carl and I went out for sushi for lunch. I looove sushi. I want to learn how to make it myself altho i'm a bit hesitant. Im just now grasping the basking concepts of cooking, not sure if i'm ready to start messing with raw fish. So for christmas I bought Carl a sushi making kit. I figured he could do the experimenting.
Ken came over around 7 and the 3 of us had the Christmas dinner that I had prepared: ham, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, wild rice, peas and green beans, rolls and a salad. And of course wine. Ken had bought himself a video camera for his present to himself so was following us around the house. I figured out how to keep the camera off of me tho, just start making obscene jokes and comments. He'd turn it off and be like 'this is a christmas video, i'm going to show this to my parents!"
He gave me a pink blue tooth to go with my pink blackberry phone. I just love it! Carl gave me the 'Tales of Beedle Bard" book, the one from Harry Potter. I think they both liked what I gave them, and we had a nice dinner. It's funny how that was the only real family dinner both Carl and I had. My family celebrates christmas on christmas morning around 9 am and we have a huge breakfast then everyone goes their seperate ways. We used to do it at 4 in the morning when there were more little kids. Everyone would spend the night at my parents and the adults would stay up in the living room, playing games until time to wake the little ones up. Personally, I like the 9 am one better. I'm all for sleeping in.
Christmas morning was spent with my family, which was nice. No one had alot of money this year, but it seemed that that inspired everyone to give more thoughtful, meaningful gifts. Usually I get alot of non personal gifts, like candles and bath products. Stuff thats nice but doesnt take alot of thought. But this year, everyone seemed to really search for that perfect gift. I got 4 mudpie piggy banks, which I totally love and collect. I'm up to 40 piggy banks total now and 25 of them are mudpie. I also got all four Twilight books, which I started again last night. I loved the books. Not so crazy about the movie. But owell. Hopefully the second one will be better.
Over all it was a wonderful, peaceful christmas. No drama, no illness, no tantrums. Just good food, good times, good friends. Wonderful.
Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday also.

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thanks for the comment. I really like that strategy- its like sneak attack. Will probably be using it soon. Thanks