Friday, December 19, 2008


Sunday: The heater in the freezer stopped working so the entire fridge thawed out and everything got ruined. Not able to fix it until thursday.

Monday: Snowed.

Tuesday: My car wouldnt start. Ended up Borrowing my parents 1999 Huyundai Elantra, which sqeels horribly when you start it.

Wednesday: More snow. Emotional roller coaster of a day.

Thursday: Bingo with my dad and grandmother. Actually had fun. Went to a wine tasting dinner with Ken. Had 6 glasses of wine and made new friends.

Friday (today): Found out that my Realtor dues are due by January 12, which is $510. My cell phone that I got a week ago stopped recieving calls or texts. I can call out and send but for some reason cant recieve. On the phone with tech support for 59 minutes and 43 seconds only to ascertain that it is the device that is having the error and I need to take it to one of the local At&T shops to exchange for a new one. Got home (to pick up all of the accessories to take to AT&T) to find out that Sunshine had gotten sick in the kennel and there was poop everywhere. And I do mean everywhere. Two feet outside of the kennel, the entire kennel and both dogs were covered. Washing ensued, blankets and dogs and carpet. My back is killing me now, i'm wet and hungry. And then after her bath Sunshine decided she was mad at me for giving her a bath and she walks over to Carls bedroom door and pees.

Tomorrow? I dont want to know.

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AmberP said...

Ohhhhh I hope this is a much better week for you :)
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