Thursday, January 1, 2009

100 things about me

To start off 2009, i'd thought i'd attempt my list of 100 things about me. So here it goes....

1. I was born in Las Vegas NV. (I have spent the majority of my life here, but have lived in Memphis Tn for 3 years and Dayton Ohio for 3 years)

2. I'm the oldest of 7 kids (3 girls, 4 boys) (We're all very close, almost too dependent on each other. We almost never just get together because we have birthday parties for everyone at my parents house, and with the growing number that works out to about 2-3 parties a month)

3. I currently have 3 neices and 3 nephews

4. I married my high school sweetheart 3 days before graduation only to get divorced 7 years later. (llloooong story)

5. The smell of coffee makes me nauseous ( I was ecstatic when I found out that Star Bucks has a drive thru so I could get tea and a lemon loaf in the morning and not have to go in)

6. I was allergic to gold until I stopped eating red meat. ( I also dropped 15 lbs when I stopped eating it. Now I only eat it twice a month, if that)

7. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and The Beast

8. I have blankets that were made by my great grandmother (now passed), grandmother (now passed) and mother on my quilt rack.

9. I moved 3 times in 2008

10. I have been anorexic twice in my life, the lowest weight being 85 lbs

11. I'm 5'1"

12. I love sushi

13. I hate peanut butter cookies. (the smell of baking peanut butter is enough to make me gag)

14. I hate doing laundry so much I make sure I have enough clothes to go a month without washing anything. (I actually have enough summer/spring clothes to go 2 months, but I've never pushed it)

15. I am a packrat by nature - i've had 50 glass jars stored in the closet before, just in case.

16. I used to be afraid of dogs until I got a rottweiler (Daisy) as a puppy for mothers day.

17. I love being cheap and frugal - if it's not free or almost free I dont want it. (I constantly get teased for my mismatched house. I have a 3 bedroom, 1700 sq ft house, fully packed and furnished, and probably only spent $400 total for everything (not counting clothes and books of course). I love mismatched homey looking decor! )

18. I set out and iron 8 outfits every sunday night so during the week I dont have to worry in the mornings about rushing.

19. I've only lived by myself for a year out of my life, the rest either with husbands/boyfriends or roommates (currently Carl)

20. I make my sweet tea sweet - a cup and a half of sugar for a 2 qt pitcher

21. I always have candles burning

22. I cant sleep without a blanket on me, even in 100' weather.

23. When I was in the 6th grade I was fascinated by snakes and sharks and had pictures of them taped to my desk.

24. I can swim as long as I dont have to put my face in the water - if my face gets wet I freak out

25. I love massages

26. I collect piggy banks, tea pots, and anything winnie the pooh or the muppets

27. I would rather pay someone to wax my eyebrows than to pluck them myself

28. Typing was the first college class I ever took.

29. I can type 80 wpm.

30. I love playing bingo, have my own bingo bag and about 70 dobbers

31. I love quilting, altho pretty much all i can do is basic squares.

32. I love anything to do with the muppets and cried when Jim Henson died.

33. The only reason I passed any math in junior high and high school was because I had a friend sit in front of me in every class who always did the work for me.

34. I have 7 years of college under my belt and no degree.

35. I changed my major 5 times.

36. I hate raw onions but love them cooked.

37. I have 2 real best friends - Tiffany, who i've known since we were 15, and Emily - who was my first husbands sisters best friend.

38. Halloween is my fave holiday.

39. I collect witches and have them around my house year round.

40. I have a 3 foot gargoyle statue in my garden

41. My hair is it's natural color now but when I was 16 I died it black and then died the 2 inch roots purple to match my prom dress.

42. I have a fear of the ceiling falling on me.(i actually had this happen before)

43. I am a post it addict. There is a pad in every room of my house and probably about 20 in my car and purse.

44. I know how to change a car tire and battery but i usually let someone else do it for me.

45. I hate saying no and am usually the person that takes care of everyone around me.

46. I taught my self how to drive a stick shift (I had a job interview and my first husband wouldnt get out of bed to drive me and the only car we had at the time was a stick so I hopped in and figured it out).

47. Altho I pride myself on being rather intelligent, I love to play the dumb blonde card. You get away with more if people think you're dumb.

48. I am a capricorn.

49. My favorite colors are pink and green.

50. The only place outside of the US i've visited was Montreal Canada when I was 15 for a band competition.

51. The first time I ever rode on an airplane was when I was 27.

52. I have never been able to get pregnant, altho I usually start having sympathy symptoms when someone around me is.

53. I hate Cheryl Crow simply for that song 'lie to me just please dont leave'. Just terrible.

54. I believe in ghosts and while I dont seem them most people around me tell me that I attract them.

55. I love 'trailer trash wine'. (1.99 sangria mixed with 7-up)

56. I love Acqua Panna water

57. I hate being cold.

58. I wear size 6 shoe.

59. I tend to ramble on and on when I get nervous

60. I have been told that I am too honest

61. I am allergic to loritab and hydrocodone

62. I love shrimp! (I have been known to finish of one of those shrimp cocktail trays you can get at the grocery store in one night)

63. I am a fidgeter - people hate going to the movie theater with me because I wiggle around more than a 3 year old.

64. I love the rain.

65. My dog Sunshine was my ex's new wifes dog. (When we split, he kept our two rottweilers. She had Sunshine, a boston terrier, and couldn't bring her in the house cuz the rotties would kill her. So I told them since I didnt get to take MY dogs, then I should get to keep Sunshine. They went for it. And I totally love my dog!!!)

66. My dog Bella, is the daughter of the two rotties that my ex kept.

67. I had my tonsils removed when I was 24.

68. I love the Flylady organization system and try to follow it, altho currently i'm off the wagon.

69. I make lists constantly.

70. I'm really bad about remembering if I locked the front door or closed the garage door. I've gone back and checked up to 4 times before.

71. My handwriting changes, depending on my mood.

72. I'm addicted to blogs. I guess it's my version of reality tv since I dont watch it.

73. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip from breyers.

74. I dont like online banking. I forget things too easily.

75. I'm addicted to Clinique products. I can't use anything else on my skin (good excuse to keep buying it).

76. I really like being alone alot. I have way too many hobbies that are solitary.

77. I cant' sleep without socks on.

78. My parents have been married for 35 years.

79. I believe in the power of prayer.

80. I hate liars and consider alot of practical jokes lies. (like friends who email me this big sob story about how she caught her hubby cheating on her and she found out she was pregnant and on and on. I called and she was like oh I was just messing with you. Totally pissed me off)

81. I use alot of words too much. (totally, wow, perfect)

82. I didnt go to my high school reunion because the only friend I really had in high school was my first husband and I definately didnt want to see him.

83. I have been lobster diving. I caught, killed and cooked my own lobster.

84. I dont use candle holders. I buy tea plates and tea cups at Goodwill for $.25 to use.

85. My first job (besides babysitting) was when I was 17 as a telemarketer for a Lawn Care company.

86. I love putting things in order and filing. (when I was dating my first husband i'd spend hours putting all of his comic cards in numerical order and just be happy as a clam)

87. I had chicken pox when I was 11. I had already started getting acne, so the two combined (and it was a nasty case of chicken pox, not one spot on my face wasnt covered) made a target for the local bullies. I was called pizza face for the next two years. I still have scars on my forehead from the chicken pox.

88. I try to wear a different pair of shoes every day. My theory in this is so that I dont wear the shoes out and they last longer. I think it works cuz i've had some shoes since I was 18.

89. I am unbelievably clumsy. (If you've ever seen the movie "Junior", think Emma Thompsons character.)

90. I dont watch alot of tv, but when I find a show I like that's all I watch. (these day's it's NCIS and House. I watch all of the reruns on USA. Well, not really watch. I always have the tv on for the noise so I mostly listen)

91. I dont' like my writing skills. When I read back over what I've written it sounds more like see Dick and Jane run. Honestly it sounds better in my head.

92. I am a complete light weight. Two glasses of wine and i'm crawling across the floor.

93. I dislocated my elbow when I was 15 doing a free handed cartwheel (my toe caught on the matt is was flipping over and I landed on my fore arms instead of my head)

94. I love my car. (yes, another cheap story). I bought it at an auction for $700 in August of 07. It's a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and I totally love it. (and the fact I dont have a car payment)

95. I have a journal of business ideas that I want to start/try

96. I'm addicted to my bluetooth.

97. I dont like olives.

98. Everytime a guy has made me a mixed cd, we've broken up within 6 months.

99. I go by my married name because my maiden name is so popular. (there were 4 girls in high school with me with the same first-middle-and last name. fortunately we were all in different grades)

100. I am a huge procrastinator and will put off just about anything if I can.


Mrs. Potts said...

I like your list of 100 - I'm sure if I sat & thought about it for a while, I might get up there.

I'm with you on #25 - I love massages too!

AndreaLeigh said...

i love your list! what kind of tea do you get at SB? I love the black ice tea, yum!

Michelle said...

Hey, that was fun to read. I'm not sure I could come up with 100 things about myself!

By the way, your writing is great! :)

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Hugs, Sandy

Melanieshea said...

I've wanted to do this for sometime and just haven't...Maybe I'll tackle this over the weekend.

Liz said...

wow...I feel like I know you now! I don't think I know myself well enough to come up with 100 things...maybe I should work on that!

LenaLoo said...

I love FLY Lady too! I have a whole part of my blog site just for my to-do lists, I have not been on the band wagon these last two weeks though because we have been out of town... Thanks for following!

The Pumpkin Pink Cottage said...

that was awesome, I know how you feel about writing it always sounds better in my head till I read it again..ugh.. Glad you got over the dogs thing,,,I love dogs, they are wonderful,,,Have a Happy New Year, Lisa