Friday, March 6, 2009

Estrogen Overload

My house is under quarantine. At the moment I am currently experiencing... "that time of the month". Why, you ask, am I sharing this information with a bunch of total strangers? Because not only am I hormonal, crampy, emotional, bitchy, craving chocolate milk and cheese-its, and totally lazy, BOTH OF MY DOGS ARE IN HEAT. How in the hell did a responsible mother like myself let this happen? Totally wasn't my fault. My goal was to get them both spayed in March. This March. As in this month. Sunshine was supposed to go into heat in Feb. Never happened. So I was kind of expecting her to have hers now. Well, last weekend Miss Bella started showing symptoms. Now keep in mind she's only 8 months old. I raised her mother, Daisy, who didn't have her first heat cycle until she was like 14 months old. So I don't think I was wrong in expecting the same with Bella. Nope, she decided to be an early bloomer. I even called the vet, just to make sure something wasn't wrong, and he said that most larger dogs start between 6-8 months and that Daisy was just late. Wonderful. So now there are three moody, lethargic, can't get enough to eat or enough cuddle time making a puddle everywhere females in my house.
It is definately a chic film fest, half gallon of breyers ice cream and not getting out of my sweats all day kind of day. Hope everyone has a better friday.


Practically Perfect... said...

You poor thing! Hope you get through it in one piece :-)

Debbie said...

You and the dogs? Now that is bad timing!

Mama Wheaton said...

I'm in the same boat you are except there are too many people in this house and I just want to crawl in bed for the weekend and tell everyone not to say my name.

Blog Stalker said...

Hang in there kid! This too shall pass. Hey, pass the ice cream will ya. lol

Have a great day!