Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gerard Butler. Yum-o.

I have always had a weakness for men with accents. Southern. English. Scottish. Yep, show me a man with a sexy accent and i'm totally and completely hooked.

So when I first saw, and heard Gerard Butler in "300", lets just say it was love at first site. This man was to die for. Those stomach muscles. That voice. That passion. Those eyes. Just look. See? Those eye's that say 'I can make you do anything I want just by raising my eyebrown and smiling at you"? And he can.

After realizing that this gorgeous hunk of a man had been acting for quite some time, I quickly went for a walk through my dvd collection. Tomb Raider 2. Yep had it. Tomorrow Never Dies. Yep had that one too. You mean I had been watching this man for years and had not realized that he was so ...so... yummy?

See what I mean? Look at those abs. Lets all just pause and stare for a minute.

Okay minutes up. Clean up the drool.

Of course the role that completely made me fall for him was in PS I love you with Hilary Swank. The gorgeous Irish man who loves his woman so much that even after his death he sends her on a journey to find herself and her way in the world without him? Where do I sign up?


He And Me + 3 said...

Wow...He is a hotty and he has an accent? YOu sold me too.

donna said...

I'm hot for Gerry too.
I've loved him since POTO.
Just in case you haven't seen the video's out there on u-tube of Gerry on Jay Leno. You must take a look-see. Look for Gerry butler on Jay Leno Jan.29, 2008. He talks about 300 and the Cod piece he has to wear. And Queen Lafifa is almost in his lap. She wants at him.

Debbie said...

Thank you for the photos. A lovely way to pass the time:)

Aubrey said...

Oh yes, quite easy on the eyes!
I have not seen PS I love you! I totally have to watch it now!

Joy said...

Good stuff. Loved him in Dear Frankie and Phantom.