Monday, December 22, 2008

5 pillows

I've been trying to leave Sunshine and Bella in my bedroom when I leave. I have a doggy door on my patio door so that they can go outside, but arent cooped up either outside or in a kennel. I figured if I lock them in my bedroom then the destruction is at least limited to one room. Well, I went home for lunch and found that she had ripped and shredded 5 pillows. There was stuffing everywhere. And there was nothing of the pillow cases or pillow sack left either, all ripped to shreds. Why she feels the need to do this to pillows is beyond me. Altho her frustratation (or glee) wasnt just limited to the pillows. She also ate the cover to The Simpsons movie and a picture frame that i carelessly left on the headboard of the bead. What was I thinking? So for this afternoon they are back in their kennel. I wish I could find an alternative to locking them up but at this rate i'm not going to have a house left.
Bellas score: 2 couches, 7 pillows, 4 pairs of shoes, countless move boxes, 8 books, 3 chair rungs, and 3 inches of pine off of a bookshelf.

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Roxy said...

That's pretty funny. I guess they miss you when you work? I know that when I'm alone I tend to howl.

Maybe try a kong stuffed firmly with goodies that I'll need to focus all my attention on.