Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hell froze over

Yes, it is true. We had snow in las vegas. If my frickin camera was working i'd take some pictures of the mountains. They are absolutely gorgeous. Every year we get maybe an hour or two of snow, and of course everyone freaks out. This year tho, it was actually forecasted. Yep. Everyone planned for this. Including me. Once I woke up and saw how gloomy and eyeore the sky was, snow or rain or hail was not going to get me out of the house. Not that i'm afraid of getting wet. It's the insane drivers here. We get 20 minutes of light rain and the auto accident rate jumps up 20%. So with snow, nope, no way I was leaving the house. Fortunately, I have a boss who shares this sentiment and after a 30 minute phone conference on what we could do by phone from our perspective homes, and watching a pigeon slip on the ice in the street, I planned my day. So what did I do with a whole monday home? Did I work on my blogs like I should have? Nope. Did I work on my Alibris account? Nope. I decided to be adventurous. See, this weekend I acquired a freezer. A stand up big as a fridge freezer just for me. Well, and for Carl since he lives here too, but seeing as how I do the majority of the cooking and shopping, it's for me. So I broke out all 3 of my crockpots and set to cooking. My goal - 3 different soups/stews, seperate them all into individual servings and freeze them. I dont feel right unless I have a months supply of everything. And I do mean everything. I have enough clothes to last me a month without doing laundry. I have enough toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc) to last me a 3 months without going to the store. I have 40 piggy banks set around the house just for those emergencies. So now my goal is to have at least 30 frozen meals in the fridge. You know, just incase. All in all it was about an hour prep time, 2 hours watching "The Mummy" (ahhh Brendan Fraser), a 2 hour nap, and 2 hours on the phone and I had 11 meals for the freezer. The last recipe only made 3 servings, altho the recipe said it would make 4. I try to fill the rubbermaid dish tho when i'm freezing them so my servings tend to be a bit large. All in all I think they came out rather well. I was proud of them anyways. The recipes are on my other blog.

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